Baxter Institute is a government – accredited, registered training organisation, located in the heart of Melbourne – just across the road from Flinders Street Station.

Baxter Institute is proud of its reputation as a leader in vocational training, with modern facilities, cutting – edge equipment, and professional staff who demonstrate a level of expertise and excellence that few institutes can match and many aspire to.

Baxter Institute’s training departments include: Dental,TechnologyAutomotiveBakeryFabricationBusinessEnglishInformation,TechnologyAccounting,Beautyand Hairdressing.

All training at Baxter Institute is focused on getting students work-ready. This is achieved by combining the extensive training experience that Baxter brings to most of its training departments with an impressive array of commercial platforms enabling students to gain valuable industry experience. These facilities include a commercial hair and beauty salon, bakery, cafe, automotive workshop, industry placements and work experience agreements.*

Extra-curricular events within Baxter, as well as competitions against other schools and commercial businesses (such as World Skills) give Baxter students exposure to competitive, high pressure environments so that they can become more confi dent and ultimately more ready for work.

Baxter Institute has domestic Australian students as well as a diverse mix of students from many regions and cultures including Asia, Latin America, Europe and
the subcontinent. Baxter Institute’s unique training method is enhanced by its promotion of cultural diversity, mutual understanding, and international friendship within the student population.

Baxter Institute’s certificate and diploma courses are government accredited and CRICOS registered, allowing international and domestic students to study with peace of mind. There are a variety of short courses to take advantage of related to the hair, beauty, bakery and automotive industries. Other short courses for specific purposes including First Aid, IELTS preparation and welding are also available. Students enrolled in short courses can enjoy great flexibility with the opportunity either to follow a set study program or tailor a course to suit their own special needs.

Our training method is suited to students who have been dissatisfi ed with the traditional approaches to education and are looking for a more dynamic style of learning. We encourage students who have been out of learning institutions for some time and are looking for an opportunity to achieve fi nancial independence through learning an applied trade. We also recognise prior learning and can tailor a course to suit you abilities. To ensure the highest standards in teaching we
operate according to a strict code of practice with a comprehensive grievance policy, refund system and governance policies.

The excellence and professionalism of Baxter Institute’s training, in conjunction with flexible payment plans, flexible start dates and flexible timetables, will ensure that there is a course suitable for any student with special needs. This will also make it easier to study if students choose to have a part time job. All of these factors are intended to produce the best educational outcomes for our students.

As it can be seen, Baxter Institute’s curriculum is focused primarily on practical application. The goal of all training is to get students into the workforce as soon as possible. At Baxter Institute we look forward to helping you create the greatest opportunity for a successful career.

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